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Tilt Stage I Deck - Drowning

Tilt Stage I Deck - Drowning

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Original, hand-painted "Drowning" Deck from the Serial Designer himself, MSpizz. Using white, oil-based paint, you can see each stroke in the artwork. The main product photo is a mock up so please expect some subtle imperfections that come along with hand-painted items. Because this is a one-off, please allow for extra shipping time as the decks will be coming from the designer.

The Stage I Deck covers you with the benefits of the welded dropouts, the versatility of a flex fender, and the Tilt quality that you're used to. With great wheel compatibility, you won't be stuck on one wheel size, and the dropouts and front caps prevent caving to make sure you'll have a long lasting deck no matter how many 5-0's you throw at it. Internal fluting keeps the weight down, so you get all these benefits in a well balanced, light weight deck.

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