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Ethic DTC Vulcain V2 Boxed

Ethic DTC Vulcain V2 Boxed

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The Ethic Vulcain V2 deck is a perfect compromise between street and park in 12STD thanks to its reactivity.
It's a bit the all-rounder of the 12STD. Available in classic or boxed. Its sizes have been revised upwards (lengths and width).
An angle that goes from 83 to 83.5 °, 8% stronger on the extrusion and a lighter size / weight ratio of 8%.
It also incorporates the new 12std V3 brake with the 115 / 125mm switch as well as the V2 axles, lighter and stronger.
The Vulcan is perfected even more, to note also the boxed ends and improved decks ends, still in 7075.

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