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Ethic DTC Pandora Deck

Ethic DTC Pandora Deck

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The Pandora deck is the latest from Ethic DTC.
Secretly the evolution of the artefact v2 in terms of construction and architecture, but its philosophy and its performance being light years away from it that they made the choice to change its name. And it is well seen!
1.3 kg on the scale in 130 wide and full boxed, it is quite simply one of the most light and responsive decks in this segment currently (date: 12/21), and all for half the price of the decks with which it is in parity.
A nugget!
84 ° angle, 7075 aluminum deck ends, 12 STD compatible with the new lighter and more resistant v2 axles, new brake with the "switch diameter concept", it brings together all of its big brothers the Vulcain V2 / Lindworm V4, in addition light / affordable.

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