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Ethic DTC Pandemonium 2 Boxed

Ethic DTC Pandemonium 2 Boxed

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Here is the lightest boxed deck in the world: Pandemonium V2 Boxed.
It's a high-end deck (or work of art), 9 years after v1 it has evolved a lot.

Created and studied from every angle to achieve the ultimate in lightness.
Wider, lighter, more resistant and available in 3 sizes: 50, 54 and 58cm.
This boxed version is 1cm wider than the classic, a more pronounced concave and alu 7075 deck ends.

Hundreds of hours of simulations were carried out to obtain the most efficient geometry possible, giving it 33% more resistance to the banana effect, as well as 40% more resistance to the neck.
Made from 6082 aluminum (slightly stronger than usual 6061).

Concave: Radius 1200

This deck also sees the arrival of a new Torx axle, stronger and more practical.

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