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Ethic DTC Dryade V2 Bars

Ethic DTC Dryade V2 Bars

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The all new Ethic DTC aluminum handlebars, evolution as you will understand from the Dryad V1 which was already one of the lightest and most durable aluminum handlebars in existence.
Ethic is back in force with this new iteration, which pushes the bar even higher.
More solid at the level of forged gussets, more resistant at the level of the slot, the dryad V2 even pays for being 90g lighter than the V1!
Which now makes it the lightest freestyle trott handlebars in the world

Weight: (g)695

Material: Alu 6061

Bar Height: 22.4 in, 24.4 in, 26.4 in

Bar Width: 22 in

Diameter: 34.9 mm

Oversized: No

Butted: Yes

Backsweep: Yes

Slit: Yes

Compression Type: ICS, IHC, SCS

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