Scoot Hardware Kit




Scoot Warehouse SCT Hardware Kit. Includes:

Axles: 1x45mm, 1x50mm, 1x60mm, 1x70mm, 1x80mm.

Clamp Bolt: 20mm (2), 25mm(2), 30mm (2), 35mm (1). 40mm (1)

Axle Lock Nuts (5).

Star Nut 23.7 O.D (1), Star Nut 29.3 O.D.(1)

Headset Spacer 5mm(1),  Headset Spacer 10mm(1).

Axle Flat Washer “Premium Thins” (5).

Hardened Steel Wheel Bearing Spacers(2).

Brake Bolt,Nut,Spacer Assembly (1).

Scoot Abec 7 Bearings (4)

.25mm Headset “Spin Shim” (2)

SCT Sticker(1)


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