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Prey Coffin Clamp

Prey Coffin Clamp

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A super strong clamp for the die hards. One of the taller ones out there at 90mm. The bolts are not standard bolts, but we have custom made them for this clamp only. We wanted to have slightly bigger diameter on the bolt head than what is normal. Also we made sure that the length of the bolt reaches all the way through and without sticking out. By utilizing the complete length of the threaded area you get the maximum strength and clamping power. And to top it off, there is a “non visual” detail, we made them of the strongest alloy available; 12.9 hardness steel. As many use a worn allen key we wanted to be sure that the bolts will win that battle; the tool will loose. You will not be stuck with a worn out bolt you can not get out, that is so annoying..! Remember this clamp is 35mm or 32mm specific. We want the 32mm steel bar riders to get the maximum strength out of the clamp.
Bar size: Specific 35mm (oversized) or 32mm
Height: 90mm
Bolts: 4pcs M8
Compression bolt: M6 30mm and top-cap included
Material: 6061-T6 alu CNC
Weight: 10.4oz / 295g incl. bolts

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